How to Choose a Good Credit Repair-Fix Company

It can be incredibly difficult to know how to choose a good credit repair company. I used to hear so many horror stories about people who had wasted large amounts of money on firms that were supposed to repair their credit score but in some cases either did nothing or made the situation worse!

I myself faced the same problem until I discovered a fool proof way to repair my credit that was cheaper than most so called companies that offered to do it for me. I want to reveal to you this information right now. If you are looking to improve your financial situation then this may turn out to be the most informative article you will ever read because the information I am about to disclose is powerful enough to dramatically improve your financial situation.

When I was facing financial difficulty I could not decide which company to use to fix my credit history. Then a conversation with a friend changed everything. My friend suggested to me that employing a company to do the job would be a total waste of time and money. Instead he proposed that I did it myself. He pointed me in the direction of a system he used to learn about the credit process and how the scores are formulated. The theory went that if you learn about the techniques the credit companies use, you can change your circumstances so that you can get the best deals from them.

Well after initially being a bit daunted by the prospect I found the system he got me using took a step by step approach to explaining the system. At each point there were small things I could do to make my situation better. Some of these seemed counter intuitive. For example did you know that having a large debt facility can improve your credit score? Well it does so long as it is not maxed out.

After implementing some of the techniques I rechecked my score and was amazed that after only 8 week my score had improved by just under 150 points. What is more the program I used only cost me $50 as opposed to hundreds of dollars I was quoted from some of the so called repair companies.