Dealing With Reality

We all want to win, but we all need to train for it. That is reality. Without real, hard earned understanding, we just hack at life and cannot live efficiently. When we take the time to learn the in, out and everything in life, we get better results. It is just like when there is a difference between flying to the top of a mountain in a helicopter, plane or air vessel and genuinely climbing a mountain.

When I think about the genuine nature of reality, genuine winners genuinely do not try to cheat. I use the words “try to cheat”, because ultimately the very concept of cheating is unrealistic, and ultimately harder than if the honest path were taken to the same goals. Honest “overnight greatness and success” is years of visualization, training and understanding all facets of what is being done. If anyone says otherwise, they are cheating at a very deep level, not only themselves, but the people they are telling that big lie to. It is almost like the concept of the   payday   loan  saying “get three months pay now” without the full disclosure of “get three months pay now, but pay three years pay worth of interest on it” at the very least! So, get this: Cheating is the big fantasy trip, dealing with reality fully straight is the genuinely winning trip anyway. If you travel the real road, you will achieve your genuine goal. Fake it genuinely and you will not make it.

Being real is always worth it, then is it not? A life based on lying and cheating at deep levels always costs more anyway ultimately. Real is the most direct path there is to any goal. It is the genuine journey of the hero, anyway. Reality will deal with you on this level: If you are genuinely willing to take the honest path, reality will rise up to meet you as you meet that challenge. When I say willing as a word, I mean wanting your goal and working your goal so fully and so consistently, with perseverance, that nothing will break you from going for it.

So, in the end, every limitation disengaged and you have fully evolved past it all, were you real or were you a cheater? only your heart and reality can answer that itself within yourself when you face yourself. Think about it. Only you can answer that question genuinely for yourself when you are evolved enough, nobody else can.