Forex Killer Scam? Read Before You Buy

So you want to know more about Forex Killer before you buy it, right? Of course you do and that’s why you’re here! You’re definitely not looking for cat grooming tips and if you were, you need to brush up on your internet skills! Anyway, I’ll tell you everything I know about it and my experiences with it in this Forex Killer review.

Is Forex Killer a scam? Well, no. But what is it? If you don’t know anything about the foreign exchange – or Forex – market, then Forex Killer is basically a computer program which trades money for you, without any input from a human user except for setting it up at the start.

In effect, Forex Killer is a way for a total novice in the world of currency trading – that’s probably you – to begin making money in this $1.2 trillion a day market. The great thing about using an automated trading platform like this is the fact that you don’t have to know anything about the market, you don’t have to be in front of your computer and most importantly, it can be trading for you 24 hours a day, even while you’re sleeping.

Because it’s automated, the all risk had to be minimised to a minute level or even taken out of the equation altogether, simply because there wouldn’t be someone there to watch it. How it works is that Forex Killer completes extremely low-risk or no-risk trades, and while they won’t make you a lot of money individually, the fact that it doesn’t have to sleep and can be trading all day, every day means that it will generally make a whole lot more money than you could by yourself – especially if you’re a novice.

All that’s required once you buy Forex Killer is to read the material enclosed in the program, spend ten minutes setting it up and then send it on its way. The great thing is that you can begin trading with as little as $50, though I recommend you invest $100 or more, like I did when I began trading.

So I’ll bet you’re wanting to know how successful I was with the program, right? Well as I said I stared with only $100 as I wanted to test the potency of what Forex Killer could do, and decided to give it two months to bring me results as that was how long I had to get a refund if I so desired it.

Once I’d set it up I let it do its thing and a week later my $100 was now $250, and two months down the track I had $1250, which meant $1150 profit. Now $1150 may not sound like such a great income for two months work, but when you consider I started with only $100 and I didn’t do anything at all to make it, you should begin to take notice of what this program can do.

I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to make money online but is sick of spending money on “Get Rich Quick” scams and products. This is actually a proven and tried-and-tested way of making money that won’t make you a huge amount on a small investment right away, however the more you invest the better your returns.

Whatever you decide, I hope this Forex Killer scam review has helped you decide whether to buy this product. Good luck and I hope you can achieve success with it!

Finance Management: Balance the Books to Keep Your Head Above Water

Finance management has become important again – as if it was ever unimportant! The past few years have been difficult times, and just when we all believed things were getting better, it is all starting over again. Sure, we should all keep an eye on what we spend, but people have been feeling more secure lately. Now with the American Dollar disintegrating and affecting world currencies that were already generally weakening, what can we do to balance the books and keep our heads above water?

Basically, we have to do what we should always be doing: spend less than we make. Whether you are at the head of a large corporation, are a manager, are running your own small business or are an individual trying to run your home, if you spend more than you make then the ultimate result is disaster. Effective finance management is essential. You must balance the books so you do not spend too much.

Hiring Help

If you are running a business and are having trouble looking after your finances, then get help. You don’t have to employ somebody full time just yet – but hire a consultant to help you. Maybe a part time accountant or bookkeeper will be able to keep you on the right track. You must manage your finances, whether your company is multinational or just a one-person business. The same is true if you are a family – you will also suffer if you spend more than you earn.

Essential Spending

Finance management is more than just being able to balance the books, but is also about spending where it is most effective. Essential spending must be targeted and you must leave what you can do without. In order to achieve this, you must have an accounting system that enables you to control how you receive and pay out money. Not only control, but analyze and improve, and help you to maintain your monthly budget.


A monthly budget is essential in finance management, and a great way to keep track of your spending. First, you must target unnecessary expenditure, and you should start with the office – not because the office is the least important part of your business, because all parts are important, but because that is where you have most latitude in reducing costs.


Look for bulk discounts on office supplies that will save you money over the year. Use your initial savings to upgrade to a computerized accountancy system that will ultimately save you a great deal of money, and will help you balance the books by recording and tracking income and expenditure. A good finance management system can be worth its weight in gold to a small or medium business that cannot afford an entire financial and accounting department.

Similar considerations apply to you as an individual. Finance management involves checking your income against essential expenditure and then knowing exactly what is left for non-essentials. It is as important to balance the books in your household as it is in your business. Then both can survive any crisis thrown at it if you spend less than you make.

The Benefits Of Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

In most cases, college students have to get loans in order to make it through the four or five years of studying. Given that, you don’t have to repay immediately and can also take advantage of student loan forgiveness which will be a good option to consider instead of putting financial burden on your parents.

Unfortunately, this unsecured loan can become a big problem after college. Probably the most popular solutions for this problem will be loan consolidation. For this you have the option of either a private or federal student loan consolidation.

Nowadays, with the advancements of technology you can submit an application for any of these loans on the internet.

Federal student loan consolidation

This consolidation program for students is handled by the Federal authorities. This is actually a fixed interest rate program for refinancing. It will basically work by taking all your current federal student loans and combine them to get one loan. This kind of debt consolidation will not only give you instant relief, but also offers many long-term benefits.

Some of the benefits include:

Getting your monthly payables reduced by almost 50%. This could significantly boost your credit ratings.

The repayment will be made simple and all-encompassing with just one combined payment monthly.

There will be no checking or fees for application. Consolidating loans can lower interests by almost 0.6% during the grace period. There is no need to go all over the place, as you can easily apply and get loan consolidation benefits online.

Deb Repayment relief

Individuals choose the federal loan consolidation as an option for student loan forgiveness just for the simple reason that this offers substantial payment relief. Besides consolidating your monthly payment to one installment, you will get to pay a much lower interest rate. The good thing is that there might be some significant decrease in the principal sum as well.

Furthermore, the time period for payment can be prolonged as much as 30 years resulting in the installments monthly becoming smaller, compared to what you had been paying prior to the consolidation. As a result, you can save money to spend on additional immediate expenses and avoid problems with loans in the further.

Basics of student loan consolidation

Whenever you choose this option, remember that there is also the option of trying one-on-one customized services. One of the advantages of this kind of services would be that you have trained professionals to explain the consolidation process to ensure that you understand every step. Student loan forgiveness gives people the confidence to chase their educational dreams and aspirations of becoming successful and living a better life.

Completely Free Personal Finance Online – Organizing Personal Finances For Building Wealth

If you want completely free personal finance online help, you are fortunate as organizing personal finances for wealth building has never been easier and there are a ton of online tools and articles that can help guide you to success. Let us cover a few of the best services online for managing your personal finances.

You might want to begin to turn around your personal finances for a number of reasons. You might have bad credit and are looking to improve your credit score for all the benefits good credit provides. You might be facing the more serious side effects of poorly managed personal finances such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, seizures, evictions or other painful hardships.

If you are suffering any of these financial difficulties, my heart goes out to you, I have been there, and it is a very difficult time, but the free personal finance online tools that are available to you now can ensure that you never find yourself back in such a difficult situation.

Here are a few of the completely free personal finance online services to consider:

  1. a completely free website to help with organizing personal finances, budgeting and expense tracking that includes a number of helpful tools and suggestions for reducing your expenses and tracking your spending. The service is my number one suggestion as it can be eye opening to see where your money is being spent once you are tracking it properly
  2. Google: harness Google and the wealth of information that is available online with articles from experts ranging on topics from investing in gold to bad credit repair. You name it and there is someone talking about it online and Google can help you find these resources for your research

I could go into a list of other smaller lesser known sites or search engines that track expenses help with budgeting or managing your money, but truly all you need are these two free tools.

What to Look for When Organizing Your Personal Finances

The best advice that can be utilized by one recovering from financial hardship is to make your personal finances and their successful management your #1 priority. Information is absolutely essential for successful management of your money, but I promise as you continue your research the principles will become second nature to you and you will find your credit improving and your income growing as a natural recourse of your hard work.

There are no excuses and you deserve to improving your personal finances is a lifelong and rewarding journey. With all the completely free personal finance online resources available today you can seize control of your financial life back from your creditors.

Why I Trade the Foreign Exchange (Forex)

I have enjoyed trading since I was a teenager. I remember going to the library even as a kid and checking out books about trading. The time eventually came when I had some money that I could invest, and I had to decide what to invest in. I chose to invest in the foreign exchange and I have yet to regret that decisions. Here are the reasons that I chose to trade the foreign exchange ( forex ) over all other types of investments.

1. The  Forex  Is Open 24  Hours  A Day

When I first began trading, I worked a full-time job, but I wanted some way to be able to watch the market and trade. I was not really interested in trading the daily charts – I wanted to be where the action was. And that is the reason I chose the  forex . The  forex  is a currency exchange  market  joining banks from across the world. There is no central location for the  forex  like there is for the stock  market  so there are no opening and closing bells. No matter what time of the day I want to trade, I can!

2. The  Forex  Requires Minimum Investment

It does not cost a lot to invest in the  forex . You can open accounts for as little as $250 – sometimes even less. I have even seen examples of brokers paying you money just to open an account. Now admittedly, these opportunities are rare and you will have to earn a certain percentage on your investment before you will receive the money they gave you, but it still happens. And just about every  forex  broker allows you to open a demo account to enhance your trading skills for free. This way you can learn the principles of trading before you ever invest a dime.

3. The  Forex  Offers Amazing Returns

If you invested $250 in the stock market, how long do you think it would take to double your money? Of course it depends on what type of stock you invest in, but on average, it would take quite a while. Because of the large amount of leverage available in the  forex  (i.e. your $250 can control thousands of dollars of currencies), amazing returns can be realized very quickly. For example, what if you made just 1% on your account each week? Doesn’t sound like a lot? Take out your calculator and determine how much $250 would turn into after 1 year if you made only 1% a week. The potential returns are astronomical!